Discussion of the Address of the President

January 24, 2018- Students of Kostanay polytechnic college gathered together to discuss the annual Address of the President of Kazakhstan, Nazarbayev N.A,  “New Opportunities for Developments during the fourth Industrialized Revolution”.

Students, activists of the college, deputy director Dyusekeeva L.K, chairman of the Youth Affair Committee Bekov D.S, lecturers Sonarbaeva U.I, Baigentov B.B took part in the discussion.

The speakers prepared presentation to discuss the challenges we will face in the industrialized revolution, the eradication of moral and intellectual changes, which are technological, economic and social.

The seventh priority “Providing a new quality of human capital” and the tenth “Smart cities for smart people” were of great interest for students.

Speakers focused on the points where the Head of State speaks about the need to develop an advanced education system-covering citizens of all ages. The key priority of educational programs should be the development of the ability to constantly adapt to changes and assimilation of new knowledge.

In the course of the conference, students and lecturers discussed the aspects of the current state of affairs, as well as the prospects for the globalization of life and work in the globe. As the head of the state states, “Human of any friendly ethnic group can choose any professional field to work in including to be elected as the president of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Kazakhstani people are not alone “.

The participants made a conclusion that the annual Address of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan is one of the prominent political event of the country.

Students and teachers of the college support the President’s Address. Every address is an important stimulus for further modernization of the country, and serves as a guide to action for every Kazakhstani. Our country has all the conditions and opportunities to be a leader of the new world. We need to concentrate on solving the tasks that the head of state sets before us to achieve this aim.

The article was prepared by Baigentov B.B, teacher of the public disciplines.

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