Week of Information and Economic Disciplines

04.12.2017 – 09.12.2017 – Week of information and economic disciplines took place in Kostanay polytechnic higher college as part of the implementation of the project ” Рухани Жанғыру “.

The grand opening of the week was held in the foyer of the college.

According to the approved plan, open lessons were conducted by teachers:

– Avdochenko I.N.  “Accounting for the receipt and disposal of fixed assets”, ЭБ-12 group;

– Kontrubayeva Zh.D. – the lesson-game “Qualified Auditor” on the topic “Local audit strategy, payment cycle and cash flow”, group ЭБ-10;

– Butnarash V.G. – “Working with formulas and functions”, group ХП-13;

– Seitkaliyeva A.K. – ” “Types of Statistical Diversity Series: Attributive Variations”, group ЭБ-11.

In open classes, teachers used new teaching methods, actively used interactive tasks and online applications. Students showed a high level of knowledge and skills in the disciplines studied.

Extra-curricular activities were conducted by: Ibatova A.K, Zhursinalina G.S, Sagumbaev M.K., Keneshov D.D., Seitkalieva A.K., Bayazitova I.A.

The “Future IT-specialists” quiz was conducted for the 1st  course in order to determine the intellectual and aesthetic abilities. Following the results of the quorum, the following documents were handed: the 1st  place to the team of the “Winchester” group of the TП-18 group, the 2nd  place to the “Programmers” group of the TП-17 group, the third place to the “Merical Kids” of the TП-19 group.

Students from the group ТП-16 participated in the debates on the topic”Smartphones”. There were two teams,  “AntiSmartfones” team won.

In the competition “Master of PC” team of boys competed against the girls, in the end team of boys won.

The training “Time” was conducted with a group ЭБ-9, which allowed the idea of ​​rational allocation of time.

The week was represented by different events. The tutors were enthusiastic and shared with their experience and new technologies.

The information was prepared by the chairman of the CMC of  Information and Economy disciplines Kusainova D.B.

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