“We remember the price of Independence!”

This year Kazakhstan’s independence turns 26 years old. People should feel the meaningfulness of such a national holiday as the Day of Independence.

In honor of Independence Day on November 8, 2017 teachers Ahmetzhanova D.K, Zholdybek G.Zh. organized an intellectual contest on the history of Kazakhstan among the students of the 1st  course on the theme: “We remember the price of Independence!”. Four teams took part in the competition: “Great Steppe Eagles “,” Tarlans of History”,” Stars of the Independence Morning “, ” The Independence Pillar “.

The intellectual competition consisted of seven stages:

  1. The business card of the command “Greeting is the basis of the word”
  2. Historical scene
  3. “Master of the word”
  4. “Who is faster?”
  5. “If you are clever – win” – polyglot
  6. Speaking about the mysteries of historical paintings
  7. Cognition of Independence.

       Each of the teams at all stages of the competition adequately demonstrated their knowledge, skills and abilities. Based on the results of the jury’s decision, the team ” The Independence Pillar” won the maximum number of points.


The information was prepared by teachers of history Akhmetzhanova D.K., Zholdybek G.Zh.

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