The Best in the specialty “Grain”

Today students of the 9th grades of secondary school № 2 and school № 9 found out who was the best grain manager. Students of the third course of specialty “Elevator, flour, cereals and feed mill” helped them in this contest. Teachers Anara Mukhametkaliyeva and Salima Izdelyueva creatively approached the conduct of vocational guidance activities in the acquisition of students’ knowledge of the profession. After all, an important role is played by the choice of methods and means of informing about future activities played an important role.

The guys met with college students and students from other schools. After receiving the tasks, they found a common solution and correctly stated their answers. All the students showed activity, but the leaders were distinguished in the teams, among which Nazarova Nurbek, Birlik Arystan, Omarov Batim, Khasenov Erik, Temirbaev Anel, Nurgaliyev Yasmin, Zhaksalikova Zharasa can be mentioned. Interesting were the answers of Shaikhislam Botagoz, Sayanova Zarina, Dusengali Azamat, Sagandykov Yernur. During the contest, the guests were treated to tea and baked goods prepared by engineering students. According to the guests, the vocational orientation contest was very interesting and informative. The pupil of secondary school № 9 Nazarov Nurbek said that he learned a lot of useful information about the features of the future profession.

In the opinion of the jury members of the teachers Ekaterina Rizhenko and Zhanargul Sagandykova, the students showed good knowledge in biology, which helped them to find the right answers to the questions posed. Despite the fact that the guys played in different teams, the friendship won. The 1st  place was won by the national team of Secondary School No. 2 and Secondary School No. 9. All the students were awarded certificates of participants in the professional orientation competition “The Best in Profession”, as well as gingerbread medals for prizes!

I would like to express my gratitude to the directors Dandybaeva G.E. and A.N. Moldokhalikov for cooperation in the preparation of future specialists!

The material was prepared by A.Segizbaeva

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