Intelligence Game «Pages of history»

 December 13, 2017 – In the frame of realization of the program ” Рухани жанғыру ”  teachers  Ochinikova F.B. and Kuznetsova L.F. organized the intellectual game “Pages of History” for the first year students.

The intellectual game was a competitive game between the teams of students of groups ЭС-9, ТЗ-21, ТП-19 and Э-9,, conducted to expand the horizons, check erudition, logical thinking of participants, educate the citizen and patriot of his country, love, respect and pride in their country, the education of a law-abiding citizen.promoting the expansion of the circle, reviewing the erudition, logical thinking of the participants, encouraging citizenship and patriotism, love, affection, the courage of the people in the country, the law-abiding citizen.

The game was held in a friendly atmosphere, the students showed great interest in the game and answered correctly all the questions asked. All teams participating in the intellectual game were awarded certificates.

The event demonstrated not only excellent knowledge of the history of the state and its symbols, but also the democratization of the youth community as a whole, the development of linguistic and intellectual skills of students, the disclosure of their creativity and motivation

Information prepared by the teacher of history: Kuznetsova L.F.

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