“Hello New Year!”

 New Year is the most beloved, kind, fabulous holiday. Every house, every family is waiting for it with impatience. New Year is always a miracle, magical transformations, adventures and amazing changes.

  December 23 in the reading room of “Kostanay polytechnic higher college” held a New Year performance for the children of members of the trade union. In the morning children came dressed up, there was cheerful atmosphere in anticipation of the holiday. The initiative group of volunteers “Мейрімді жүрек” under the guidance of the teacher-organizer A. Pushkareva made an interesting scenario, picked up music and concert numbers. They turned into different heroes: Goblin, Snowflakes, Baba-Yaga, Snow Maiden, Father Frost. From the very beginning of the presentation, the fabled characters carried children into the magical world of fairy tales. Children were able to plunge into the festive atmosphere of adventure, to participate in interesting contests. Real festival with songs and dances began when Father Frost came to congratulate children. After the presentation, the children read poems to Father Frost and Snow Maiden, take photos with  characters and, traditionally, the holiday ended with the delivery of gifts.

The information was prepared by the chairman of the trade-union committee of the Kostanay polytechnic higher college: Kuznetsova L.F.

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