And the beauty of speeches caresses the ears

Competitions of readers have become traditional in our college. They are conducted with the purpose of revealing and development of creative potential of students, assistance in their self-expression, self-realization.

This year the contest of reciters was held within the framework of the “Рухани жангыру” and was dedicated to the Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Entries were presented in Kazakh and Russian. Some poems sounded pride for their Motherland, in others – respect for their native language, traditions and customs. Warmly, heartfeltly read poetry about the family, about parents, friends.

The best readers were recognized as Maxim Galiganov, student of TП-18 group (1st  place), Gazizov Rustam, TП-17 (1st place), Valery Ryadinskaya, Kolozercina Angelica, group ХП-13 (2nd place), Volosyuk Olesya, group TП-19 ( 3rd  place)

Information was prepared by Umarzhan Irtusovna Sonarbaeva U.I., teacher of Kostanay Polytechnic Higher College

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