Vocational guidance work

One of the elements of the modernization of the educational process is the training and education of students of the Kostanay Higher Polytechnic College under the applied baccalaureate program. We are preparing for a practical practitioner a specific qualification! In accordance with the concluded agreements, our students practice in industry. In Kostanay Higher Polytechnic College practical classes are conducted on modern equipment, which are equipped with workshops and laboratories, which affects the quality of students’ training. During the training, the student along with mastering the theoretical part of the program has the opportunity to gain new professional skills in college.

In our college, a large-scale work is carried out with young people on the education of patriotism by the department for educational work led by deputy director Dyusekeva L. and the chairman of the YAC Bekov, as well as a lot of creative activities to disclose talents in which we suggest to take part in the schoolchildren of the region.

The Information Technologies Department is planning activities for school students to determine IT knowledge.

Winners of these competitions will have advantages in competitive enrollment in college specialties.

Teachers of the Center for Philology of Philological Disciplines Ovchinnikova F. and Shakirova L. met with students of 9th form of school № 23, during which the above information is provided.

Teachers Akhmetzhanova D., Balguzhinov K. and Balguzhinova J. visited students of 9th grades of school № 8. Students asked questions about specialties, which subjects will be like exams.

Interest on the part of the students was caused by the curriculum of applied bachelor’s degree and the assignment of the status of a higher college.

Prepared by Segizbaeva A.S.

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