The 16th of Novembe – International Day of Tolerance

“Our Great Steppe has been tolerant for thousands of years. Tolerance is the moral norm of our society, which we will strengthen and protect, and educate in all generations “

N.A. Nazarbayev

At present, we pay special attention to  the issues of forming tolerant consciousness, as the future of Kazakhstan depends on the younger generation.

Psуchlologists of Kostanay polytechnic hogher college prepared the training session “You and I, yes we are with you” aimed to teach communicative skills, that allow developing the qualities of a tolerant personality, to develop the ability to empathy, trust, as elements of tolerance in the context of ” I “and” Others “.

The exercises “What is Tolerance”, “Magic Lake”, “Labels”, “Five good words”, “Enter the role of another person”, “Conference” were used during the training session. The exercise “Five Good Words” was conducted to get positive feedback from all the participants in the end of the event.

Forming tolerance and peace in teenagers, we form a tolerant consciousness as a symbol of friendship and mutual understanding.

The information was prepared by the teacher-psychologist Satybaldina R.A.

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