“We are against corruption”

On October 12, 2017 in Kostanay Polytechnic Higher College a video competition “We Against Corruption” was held in the framework of the State Order, the Center for Consulting and Education “SS brothers Consu realty” in cooperation with the RSU “Department of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Civil Service and Anti-Corruption in Kustanai region.

The purpose and objectives of the contest was to raise a high level of legal culture of students’ anti-corruption philosophy; popularization of the state anti-corruption policy implemented in the Republic of Kazakhstan; attract students’ attention to the problem of counteracting corruption in modern society; the formation of an anti-corruption culture and “zero” tolerance for corruption.

The competition was attended by students of 1 course of the Kostanay Polytechnic Higher College, 13 competitive works were presented. The work was individual and collective. The jury included a deputy for educational work of CPVC and teachers of information disciplines who evaluated the work on certain criteria.

According to the jury, when preparing the videos for the contest, the students showed high activity and creative initiative. Participants and organizers of the competition noted that the event turned into an extraordinary, festive event. During the competition there was an atmosphere of healthy competition. The winners of the competition were teamwork:

group M-6 I place

group TZ-20 – II place

group TP-18 – III place.

Congratulations to all participants and winners of the contest!

The information was prepared by the teacher of information disciplines Ibatova A.K.

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