“Nobody except us”

October 18, 2017 in Kostanay Higher Polytechnic College hosted a military sports game “Nobody except us” Exciting competitions were held for the first year students of the TZ-21 group.

The group was divided into several teams, each team had to show their knowledge and skills in five different stages of the game: dismantling and assembling the machine, protecting against weapons of mass destruction, shooting from an air rifle, equipping the magazine with cartridges, medical training. At each stage of the team earned points.

The game was very friendly and organized. Each of the participants understood that today is really “One for all, and all for one.” Teams passed the stages very dignified. Someone turned out to be the best in one, and someone in the other. With great impatience, the participants were waiting for the most crucial moment – summing up the results of the competition. Because of the competition, the teams scored the same number of points.

Undoubtedly, during such games, students acquire practical skills of initial military training, sports skills and skills. In addition, of course, the game moments create interest, cause aspirations to hold such events and allow better assimilation and consolidation of existing theoretical material in practice. Such competitions form and develop moral and psychological qualities of students.

Information prepared by: Fatkhudinov R.R.

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