Career guidance activities

 An important activity of the college is to increase the attractiveness of educational institutions through the organization of various forms of work with potential applicants as full-time and correspondence forms of training. Vocational guidance work in college is not limited to working only with schools. One of the forms used in the college are professional advice not only to students in grades 9-11, but also to the adult population. Professional self-determination is exercised throughout life, constantly re-appraising and self-affirmation in the profession. College is currently training students of short-term professional training in the specialty 0518000 “Accounting and auditing” in the context of the “Development of productive employment and the mass of entrepreneurship in 2017” with different parts of the region. Segizbaeva A. and Kunitsyna S. briefed the audience about the specialties of college on the work site, about the conditions of admission, training and payment, provided brochures.

Teachers of college Khusainova A. and Kumarova G. were held meetings with pupils of 9th classes of school № 17 with the aim of career guidance support in choosing the sphere of future professional activity.

Teachers of cyclic commission of technical subjects Matvienko U., Makanova G, and Garpenko N. held a meeting of career guidance with pupils of 9th classes of school № 4 and school № 11.

Prepared by Segizbayeva A.S.

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